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Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) and Brainspotting (BSP) are both wonderful and faster methods of healing trauma, shifting stuck patterns, and creating performance enhancement in athletes and performers.  Both methods can treat any kind of trauma, including abuse, PTSD, relational, development, medical, combat, bullying, accident traumas; either single incident, or chronic multi-incident traumas.  They can also help create new types of behaviors and thoughts which can facilitate a more grounded, peaceful and calm sense of oneself and ability to relate to the world outside of oneself.   Really, EMDR and BSP can help create positive changes in any area of life one would want.  One specific area of interest to many people is sports performance enhancement and other types of performance or specific work related enhancement.

A major difference between these modalities and traditional talk therapy is that these modalities tend to help people dive deeper, in a more focused way, and get relief more quickly.  I always use these modalities nestled inside the traditional therapy relationship.  Sometimes clients prefer to work session after session using EMDR or BSP, and other clients prefer to alternate this kind of work with a traditional talk therapy session.

In my view there are different benefits to each of these methods.  I work with the client to determine which method to use.  Both EMDR and BSP are body based therapies, which use a form of bilateral stimulation (through hand held buzzers, eye movement, or alternating sound), an alternating focus on re-experiencing the distressing material in a controlled safe way, and being in the safe here and now of my office, and possibly  with a powerful healing image.  Both give high priority to attending to the inner experience of the felt sense, including body sensations. 

In single incident trauma I can often help the client to attain profound relief in one or two sessions.  In developmental or relational trauma, or multi-incident trauma, it can take many more sessions to clear all of it.

I have attained EMDR and BSP certification.  

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