She speaks with a level of clarity that comes from her decades of experience in this field, and she’s able to talk about complex concepts in simple ways so that her work is accessible and practical. She leads with compassion and she embodies that rare blend of a quick, intelligent mind with a warm and loving heart that results in true healing. If you find yourself in Nicol’s office – virtual or otherwise- know that you are in excellent hands.
Sheryl Paul Colleague
“After issues of infidelity came to light we both needed help moving forward in a healthy and positive direction. Nicole was able to initially provide a safe space where we could begin sharing honestly. Over the course of our meetings we learned things about ourselves and each other, how to communicate clearly and the value of feelings. Life lessons that we continue to use months later that help us deepen our love daily. We are eternally grateful.”
Anonymous Client
“Nicol helped me get to the point fast. I was having relationship problems. My partner was skeptical that he could respect or get any real help from a therapist, but Nicol surprised him. We both felt immediately comfortable with Nicol and my partner opened up in ways I never would've expected. It was very clear to us that Nicol had the experience and wisdom we were looking for. I would recommend her to anyone who needs a fresh perspective, an objective ear and solid experience.”
Catherine Client