The Arousal model of Neurofeedback is an amazing, cutting edge treatment that can work for all kinds of emotional and physical issues. The brain controls most things related to our body and mind and therefore, when we train the brain we can improve and heal symptoms. When we are aware of our brain wave activity, we can change it.  This method of neurofeedback uses your EEG in conjunction with your unique physical, emotional, attentional, and other symptoms to guide the brain training process.

Neurofeedback is a type of biofeedback that uses EEG brain waves as the method of information and training.  Studies show neurofeedback can help with almost anything that is controlled by the brain, such as mood, attention, emotional disregulation, sleep, pain, addiction, and the list goes on and on.  Neurofeedback is a very sophisticated type of biofeedback.  Biofeedback is a system that allows you to know about and therefore begin to more skillfully control various processes of your body, such as temperature, muscle tension, sweating, heart rate and brainwaves.  Arousal model of Neurofeedback is the use of EEG brainwaves to help you learn to calm an overaroused nervous system, or wake up an underaroused nervous system.  Through a very thorough assessment, including symptoms, EEG baselines, and your goals, a training program is designed for your brain.

The actual experience of neruofeedback is simple:  with sensors placed on your scalp, you watch a computer monitor and play a calm video “game, ” thereby learning to control some aspects of the amplitudes of certain frequencies of your brain.

Most people see some changes within 10 training sessions with NFB.  If you are using it to treat a complex problem, sometimes you will need quite a bit longer.  Everyone is different.  And most of the time, when someone begins to train with NFB to help one symptom, other symptoms get better at the same time.  For instance, someone coming in because they may have trouble with emotional disregulation, may find that some physical problems, such as sleep or muscle tension clear up at the same time.

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